1116 Editions of FIU Student Newspapers Available Online

Beginning in 2018, the Special Collections and University Archives (SPCUA) Department began the task of scanning and uploading the earliest editions of the FIU student newspaper for online access (current issues of FIU’s student newspaper, Panther Press, have been available online since 2014). Under the supervision of Jill Krefft, Institutional Repository Coordinator and Rhia Rae, Digital Archivist, Student Media provided the present-day digital newspaper files for processing while SPCUA library staff scanned, processed, and uploaded the historical issues.  Special thanks go to FIU freshman Rosmely Perez for diligently scanning the historical newspaper issues.

The student newspaper provides a wealth of information on the formation of the university, the history of FIU, sports, and student life. The newspaper has gone through several name changes, discontinuations, and at one time two student newspapers were published concurrently.  FIU’s first student paper was the 4-page newsletter, Action, published on November 17, 1972.  Now available online are 1116 issues including Panther Press, The Beacon, The Action, The Good Times, The International, and The Sentinel at FIU Digital Commons (http://digitalcommons.fiu.edu/student_newspaper/).  Keep checking online for new issues.

Original copies of the student newspaper are available in the Special Collections and University Archives Department in the Green Library at MMC.

For more information on the history of the student newspaper visit https://news.fiu.edu/2015/10/5050-the-history-of-fius-student-newspapers/92890

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