Congrats to Our VIP Study Room Contest Winners

Congratulations to Kelly F. and Jelisa O., our VIP Study Room Contest winners! We had a ton of great entries, and enjoyed reading all your stories about how the FIU Libraries have influenced you. Kelly and Jelisa's entries are below.


Jelisa (BBC contest winner):

Had it not been for the library, achieving and maintain academic success would have been much more challenging than it already is. It is the place I go to free myself from distractions and focus. I was the place I went to when I could not afford internet for my apartment. It is the place I go to find reliable sources for research papers and projects. It will be my hang out spot in these coming weeks of final exams. Cramming, pacing, or catching up – going to the library gets the job done.


Kelly (MMC contest winner):

The Green Library is one of the highlights of FIU MMC. Not only does it stand tall in rain or shine, but you can see it from any corner of the campus, the gray giant that helps you find your way back. The library, which houses classrooms, study rooms, archives, and massive collections, is where students often find themselves when they need to feel a sense of peace during stress times, or times of relaxation when you can meet with classmates. It’s an area where I can not only interact with other Panthers, but a place where I can get a refreshment on a hot Floridian day, a place where I can go to find help at the learning center if I’m ever struggling in one of my classes (I’m talking about you business calculus), and where I can go to feel safe and carefree while roaming the eight floors.

Our library is one of the best parts of being an FIU student. Having experienced what it’s like to not have a place where you can study and work during high school (we didn’t receive enough funding to keep our library open so students have been denied entry for 7 years), I know how fantastic it is to have this resource available. Every problem is solved at the library. Need help on school work? University Learning Center. Spot to hang out? Booths everywhere. Need to rent a movie but don’t have the cash? Floor 5. Hands down, best FIU resource.

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